Blue-throated Ascidians & Sponges

Blue-throated Ascidians

Globe Fish 1

Globe Fish 2

Jetty Piles

Mosaic Sea Star 2

Mosaic Sea Star

Nudibranchs on Sponges

Old Jetty Pile

Old Wives

Orange Sponge Encrusted Telesto Coral

Red-lipped Ascidian

Short-tailed Nudibranch 1

Short-tailed Nudibranch 2

Short-tailed Nudibranch 3

Telesto Coral on Pile

Telesto Coral

Truncate Coralfish

Western Red Scorpioncod

White Polyps of Telesto Coral

White-barred Boxfish

Yellow Sea Star

Yellowtail Scad

Under Busselton Jetty

Photos Taken During Dives At Busselton Jetty



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